Using the Default tmux Key Bindings with debug-hooks

The Juju debug-hooks command is a great tool when developing charms. However, one point of friction I've had with it is the lack of customizability of the environment it creates, particularly with the screen-style key bindings that tmux is configured to use.

This week, however, I discovered it was fairly trivial to revert the key bindings for tmux in a debug-hooks session. All that is needed is to create (or replace) /home/ubuntu/.tmux.conf with an empty file. This can be done quite easily with a juju ssh command, and so I set up the following alias on my local machine:

function juju-debug-hooks() {
    juju ssh $unit 'echo -n > .tmux.conf' && \
    juju debug-hooks "$@"

Now, instead of juju debug-hooks, I use juju-debug-hooks and I get normal tmux bindings, including using Ctrl-B as the prefix instead of Ctrl-A so that I can once again use Ctrl-A to jump to the start of the current command line in bash.

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